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Giulia Nelli’s monograph
She is an artist who analyzes each human’s relationship with the natural and social environment, believing that it is necessary to rebuild the bonds that, made liquid by the new means of communication, need to find new meaning in real life. Her artistic career began by addressing the theme of the relationship of the individual with the landscape and his search for meaning within the territory she belongs to and within the network of social ties to which he belongs, she sought a personal form of expression more dramatic, endowing her works with a sculptural dimension, through reliefs and games of voids and solids.
To achieve this effect, it has chosen polyamide and elastane tights as the primary material, as, on the one hand, the beauty of this microfiber is synonymous with elegance, comfort, and innovation and, on the other hand, the affirmation of tights. it had a high symbolic value in the historical process of female emancipation. The use of textile materials allows her to enhance the role of gesture and dexterity, putting it in direct contact with the material: the tights that make up the works are torn, pulled, and reduced to their essential element – the thread – which weaves his own life path now lonely, now intertwined with the destiny of others.
The action of tearing creates in her a strong feeling of liberation by putting her in contact with the deeper areas of her subconscious. In contrast, the subsequent actions of knotting and intertwining allow her to activate a process of reconstruction and transformation of the material according to a feminine sensitivity, which aims to recreate spaces in which the soul feels protected as in a mother’s womb. Making, undoing, tying and re-tying is the story and the image of life, it is the ability that allows women of the mythologies of all ancient populations to reunite in a single plot emotion, words and silences, stories and bonds, memories and hopes for the future.
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Giulia Nelli
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