NFT series “44 levels” available on OpenSea.
(collaboration with StudioKoel)

The “44 levels” project is an art collection of forty-four animated pieces dedicated to the scientist Katharine Burr Blodgett, who made several discoveries and inventions, among which the Langmuir–Blodgett film one.

This invention enabled to obtain of low-reflection “invisible” glasses, which have been used in the film and optic industry until today.

The scientist’s spirit of research and emancipation, taking into consideration the period in which she was working in, was so intense and so matched up with Studio Koel’s spirit that the latter is willing to pay homage to the American scientist by using one of her most famous pictures as inspiration for their first NFT.

The scientist is busy experimenting with her own invention with full focus, but it actually looks like she is playing with the infinite possibilities that the interaction between space and time makes possible.

Details: floor price 0.05 ETH

NFT series “ROOTS” available on Foundation.

Details: floor price 0.05 ETH